The new sci-fi novel by marine biologist and surfer Brian Tissot

Hawaiian surfing, spirituality, science and science fiction merge in this futurist epic.
– David Helvarg, Author of Saved by the Sea and The Golden Shore

Building on the aloha that the Hawaiian culture shares with the world, Tissot expands this love to the stars.”
Noelani Puniwai, Ph.D., University of Hawaii School of Hawaiian Knowledge

“.. this story will transport you through space and time and give you a new world to be a part of that is full of life and lush landscapes.”
— TheNerdyGirlExpress

An inspiring blend of Hawaiian spirituality, big-wave surfing, and ocean science …
Mark Hixon, PhD. Marine Biologist & Surfer, University of Hawaii at Manoa

…the most enjoyable book I’ve read in years.
Jeff Chamberlain, Surfer, Former Harbor Patrol, Morro Bay

“… a beautiful out-of-this-world adventure story .
Megan Lamson Leatherman, Hawaiian Marine Biologist

…a vibrant edition to the book world.”

…a well researched and intelligent book.
PopTheButterfly Reads

Dig Deeper: This site was developed to provide information on the research used to create the book with details on the science, the mysteries, and cultural beliefs in the story. I have tried to avoid spoilers, but this material is meant to be read while reading the book.