Mysteries and Easter Eggs

Hidden meanings, puzzles, and unsolved mysteries

There are many hidden mysteries and dilemmas in the book, some obvious, many not obvious. Here’s a list to get you thinking. You need to read the entire book to solve most of them. E-mail me with your questions and discoveries:

  • Tutu’s last words: “Look to the waters, my child, for they are sacred. Listen for them, for the ʻāina is singing her song. Who is the ʻāina in the story?
  • At her tutu’s funeral, how was Procyon beckoning to Sage?
  • What does Sage’s Déjà vu moment when she first stands on Thalassa mean?
  • What is the significance of 11.46 light-years?
  • What did Sage’s dreams of facing giant waves mean in the context of her life?
  • Why couldn’t Sage see the woman in the light?
  • Why did Maka save Sage?
  • What is the significance of Nesoi markings on the cave walls?
  • Where did the cetaceans of Thalassa come from?
  • Who is the volcano? What does it mean?
  • Did Sage discover the connection between her ancestors and the Koholā?

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